Hội thảo Khoa học

13h00 ngày 23/11/2011 tại Thư viện Dầu khí (Tầng 9 Nhà C-12 Tầng), Khoa Dầu khí tổ chức Hội thảo Khoa học "Shale reservoir technology and challenges" do TS Nguyễn Hoài Việt - Senior reservoir engineer, ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas, US trình bày.

Abstract: In the past few years, shale resources have attracted a lot of industry attention and have generated ever increasing amounts of production and activity. There has been a drive in the industry to better understand and characterize the reservoir and the completion to be able to optimize development in shale. This talk provides an overview of some of the challenges, and an illustration a reservoir simulation technology in the reservoir characterization/modeling workflow.

Nguyen Hoai Viet is a senior reservoir engineer based in Houston, Texas, in the Shale Resources Technology group, ConocoPhillips. Viet has a BE and PhD in Petroleum Engineering, both from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

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